Meter boxes are the property of Ridge Utilities, Inc.  Please do not park vehicles, plant shrubs, flowers, place lawn ornaments, etc. on the meter boxes.  Ridge Utilities, Inc. reserves the right to remove any and all items placed on top or over the meter boxes without notification to the member.  Meter boxes must be accessible to Ridge Utilities employees at all times.

Emergency Management Plan for Extended Electrical Outages

A copy of the Emergency Management Plan for Extended Power Outages is kept in the
RU Safe

Please click the picture below to review the most recently approved RU Board Meeting Minutes.


Leak Detection


Ridge Utilities Inc. is responsible for all repairs to leaks in water lines up to and including the connection of our water meter

Water Quality Report


Water's an essential ingredient to life, Ridge Utilities conducts a water quality testing.  Below is our newly posted 2018 Annual Water Quality Report.  Once again, Ridge Utilities provided violation-free drinking water to our customers.


July 20, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Association Office Building

July 20, 2019 Agenda.doc

2nd qtr. 2019 Water Bills

Your 2nd qtr. 2019 water bill was mailed the week of June 25th.  Water bills are due on or before 7/31/2019.  If payment is not received, then a 2.5% late fee will be assessed on 8/1/2019.  Water meter disconnects will take place on 8/15/2019 for any account not paid in full prior to that date.

Budget & Fees


2019 Ridge Utilities Budget and fee schedule.