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Election of Ridge Utilities Board of Directors

Ridge Utilities Board of Directors


                                                                     President                   Al Fortune                             2021-2024

                                                                     Vice President          Alex MacCormack                 2021-2024​

                                                                     Treasurer                  Stephen Tompkins                2021-2024

                                                                     Secretary                  Molli Ellis                               2021-2024

                                                                     Director                     Eric Winfrey                          2022-2025

                                                                     Director                     William Munday                    2020-2023

                                                                     Director                    Steven Burrill                         2022-2025

Ridge Utilities Board Members are elected residents of Blue Ridge Shores. If you are interested in a rewarding experience that helps the community, please contact: (540) 967-1408 or email us.



General Manager - Curt Heidel

Water Works Supervisor - George Allen Kail

Maintenance Supervisor - Jeff Garrett

Maintenance Tech - George Sweet

Bookkeeper- Debra Omohundro
Administrative Assistant - DeeDee Conley

Part-time Administrative Assistant - Renee Sheffield

Ridge Utilities, Inc. was initially formed on June 27, 1960 by the original developers of Blue Ridge Shores as a stock corporation to conduct a privately owned business furnishing water to homes in Blue Ridge Shores subdivision. As a point of interest, the Articles of Incorporation grant the right to conduct a business for the sale of bottled gas as well.

The original three directors were affiliated with the developers. Five thousand shares of common stock were issued with a par value of $10.00 per share and Restrictive Covenants were recorded in the Circuit Court of Louisa County. Ridge Utilities, Inc. was later sold to private investors.

On May 15, 1971, one hundred percent of Ridge Utilities, Inc. stock was purchased by Blue Ridge Property Owners Association, Inc (BRPOA). The BRPOA Board of Directors appointed members of the Ridge Utilities Board of Directors until 1999, when Ridge Utilities was reorganized as a not-for-profit Corporation. One of the IRS requirements is that the Board must be independent and the Directors elected by the membership.

Ridge Utilities is managed and operated utilizing a partnership, sharing employees and office space with the Blue Ridge Shores Property Owners Association.  


Many improvements have been made over the last fifteen (15) years. These include a 107,000 gallon storage tank, new wells, distribution tanks, and controls. Most recently two generators have been installed on Redbud Drive and Well Road to allow us to maintain our water supply; including providing continued water to our customers, during power outages.

Over the past two years we have begun replacing the water mains in the system. In 2013, we completed a portion of Well and Pine Roads. In 2014, we replaced the water mains on Redbud Drive. We anticipate continuing our water main replacement project in the upcoming years.

Ridge Utilities now serves 567 dwellings from nine wells (3 on the North side and 6 on the South side of the lake). The main storage and distribution facility is located on Redbud Drive on the South side of the lake. Water is distributed through approximately eleven (11) miles of water mains to the individual homes of Blue Ridge Shores.

RU 2022 Fee Schedule.pdf


Quarterly water bill payments are due for the following quarters by the dates listed:

            1st qtr.              Due by April 30th      

            2nd qtr.             Due by July 31st

            3rd qtr.              Due by October 31st

            4th qtr.              Due by January 31st

If you do not receive your bill by the 10th of the above months please call our office at (540) 967-1408 for a replacement bill. Failure to receive your bill does not relieve you of your obligation to pay for water bill or any late charges that may incur for past due accounts.